VIPVis: Veterinary Infection Prevention through Visualisation


The objective of VIPVis is to maximise the impact of our AMRSim work by migrating our innovative software tool to platforms where it is fit for deployment into a variety of learning environments. This will support the on-going training of veterinary practitioners in Infection Prevention and Control and extend this further to students undertaking their veterinary studies. By engaging with students at the beginning of their training, and by revisiting the themes throughout their curriculum, we intend to embed best practice as a matter of habit in the next generation of veterinary practitioners. The tool will be available in mobile or tablet form, and as an online resource as part of a Massive Open Online Course forming an innovative element of more extensive and comprehensive training packages. These will allow for more flexible, scalable and cost-efficient modes of delivery to facilitate stand-alone, self-paced professional training and for use in educational settings, e.g. for vet students and nurses at different stages of their education. Common to all platforms will be the promotion of reflective practice, i.e. what is perceived as risky practice or behaviour and how to improve this.


This development work takes a 3-stage participatory co-design approach involving undergraduate veterinary students, veterinary nurses and qualified veterinary surgeons.


VIPVis is funded by an AHRC Follow-on Funding Impact & Engagement Grant (Ref: AH/V001795/1).

VIPVis prototype image.